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added on the day 04/08/2014 18:14:07
Hello, dear team! I was not involved this way for a long time and at the beginning I was rather sceptical, but it works. I have found my dream wife here and I am very obliged to you for it. Kind regards. Colin
added on the day 08/04/2014 16:15:09
Found the love of my life.Your site is brilliant, though, and the whole thing was definitely worth paying for. Thanks!
added on the day 09/02/2014 16:18:07
Good morning,
Many thanks….I like your site very much. It is not complicated and the girls are mostly very pretty.
added on the day 10/01/2014 18:30:00
Well...thank you very much for helping me to find my Love, which I was waiting for long time...It is actually working! :)
added on the day 22/12/2013 23:59:07
Fantastic dating site. DON'T CHANGE A THING ABOUT IT! Expensive? Perhaps ... or so it first seems but the retro, very basic, very focused format, (without forums, add ons or gimmicks), delivers exactly the right kind of experience and environment for bringing folks together. I'd been using similar sites for nearly a decade with mediocre success. Singles4Dating led me to a potential partner.THX
added on the day 18/11/2013 16:00:21
I found the man I always wished for but thought I would never find. We have been together a year now and I have great hopes for the future. Thank you so much, you have changed my life.
Thank you